Roland Hagan
Research Staff
Laboratory Researcher II
800 Great Bay Blvd, Tuckerton, NJ 08087
Research interests:

Interests include the life history and ecology of estuarine fishes. Conducting long term fish collections utilizing a multitude of sampling gears. Maintaining time series data to develop continued utilization in current research. Executing various sampling methodologies across multiple estuaries throughout the Mid-Atlantic.


Short History:

I received my B.S. from Stockton University in 1990, followed by statistical coursework at Rutgers University. I began an internship at Rutgers University Marine Field Station (RUMFS) in 1989, becoming a field technician shortly after. Departed for the high seas of the pacific in the early 90’s and cephalopod studies in Woods Hole before returning to lead long term ichthyoplankton collection at RUMFS in 2001, entering into station operations in 2006. Since then, involvement as executive committee member in the Mid-Atlantic Chapter of the American Fisheries Society and support of Stacy Moore Hagan memorial scholarship at Stockton University has enhanced undergraduate fisheries studies in South Jersey.