Ongoing Projects

Life History of Fishes

  • Ecology of Estuarine Fishes: Temperate Waters of the Western North Atlantic
    Authors: Able and Fahay
  • The First Year in the Life of Estuarine Fishes in the Middle Atlantic Bight
    Authors: Able and Fahay
  • CCOR projects – Lieostomus

Recruitment of Estuarine Fishes

  • Juvenile Fish Monitoring (Trapping)
    • 1990-Present
    • Location: RUMFS boat basin, Tuckerton, New Jersey
  • Larval Ingress and Climate Change (Plankton Sampling)
    • 1989-present
    • Location: Little Sheepshead Creek (see map)
    • Gear: 1 m diameter, 1 mm mesh plankton net
    • We have contributed over 25 years worth of data to SEAMAP!
  • Juvenile and Adult Fish Monitoring (Otter Trawling)
    • 1988-1990, 1997-present
    • Location: Various locations (see map)
    • Gear: 16′ otter trawl
  • Delaware Bay Ichthyoplankton
  • Barnegat Bay: Larval Supply From Multiple Sources

Evaluation of Impacts on Fish Habitat and Their Restoration

  • Hudson River Shallow Shoreline Synthesis
  • Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill
  • Barnegat Bay: Effects of Urbanization

Habitat Dynamics of Fishes and Crabs

  • Striped Bass Recruitment

Development of InSitu Techniques

  • Dual Frequency Indentification Sonar (DIDSON) reference image manuscript (Further Information)
  • Remote Environmental Monitoring UnitS (REMUS)

Fisheries/Population Dynamics of Economically Important Species

  • Taimen
  • Mexican billfish
  • Summer flounder – otolith microchemistry
  • Summer flounder natural mortality workshop