You are currently viewing RUMFS Pride on full display at Rutgers Day

RUMFS Pride on full display at Rutgers Day

Rutgers Day participants felt the spirit of the Marine Field Station on full display in the Rutgers “R” Garden.

The Rutgers staff working out of RUMFS used the decades of marine research and monitoring that has occurred at the Rutgers University Marine Field Station, as their creative inspiration.  A artistic interpretation of future sea level rise was featured on the front, while emergent marsh and upland critters were featured on the back.  Activities such as bridge netting, killitrapping, and fishing were highlighted, along with examples of native coastal Jersey marine species.

Rutgers Communications Department is allowing the RUMFS “R” to come back “home” to live at RUMFS until early 2024.

We are excited for it to be a centerpiece for all visiting scientists throughout the rest of the year, AND for it to be featured during the annual Marine Field Station Open House which will be hosted again this September during National Estuaries Week.