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RUMFS Open House 2023

The Annual Rutgers Marine Field Station Open House was hosted this past Saturday, September 16, 2023.  More than 340 participants took part in a fantastic day learning about the Rutgers’ marine research and monitoring and experiencing firsthand, the beauty of the Field Station.  Participants came from all over the country including NJ, NY, PA and Florida for this once a year event.  They were treated to a hands on touch tank, a Field Station history tour, and firsthand discussions with staff and students about their work with gliders, ichthyoplankton netting, and fish tagging and tracking.  The Open House was planned to coincide with the kick off to National Estuaries Week.  The day’s events were co-hosted with the staff at the Rutgers’ Jacques Cousteau Reserve, who also opened their doors for the day for more learning and hands-on activities for participants.

A comment left by an existing participant sums up the day well, “I loved everything-presentations on history of station, alewives, larvae, underwater device that sends data about conditions, being able to go into building, info signs along walkway. Everything!”